Pep Talks with D.

In the elevator today, one of my favorite students, the queen of repeated patterns and the sincerest student I know, told me I was the best teacher she has had. 

This week, I’ve been struggling with the ridiculous numbers of cheaters, amounts of cheating I have found, and hearing that and having the following conversation about Chinese students, integrity, and sharing your own opinions made grading and googling all the cheating more bearable.

It’s disheartening to see so many students not want to use their brain and give their ideas for a simple movie journal (arguably, not completely their fault), but talks like this in the elevator make me feel like my year here hasn’t been pointless. 

There are things I will miss in China, no doubt; however, for an educator who believes in equality, fairness, and integrity, it’s difficult to handle the rampant cheating. Students who don’t care. Teachers who don’t care. A system that only cares about finals grades, not learning. I will miss my students, but not this, not this depressing system of education, a system which allows and enables and, in a way, pushes students toward cheating.